01 April 2010

Help FACES Build Filipino/American Leadership!

Please vote for our project on Brighter Planet, and help FACES win a $5000 Project Fund!

Face2Face is a service learning program dedicated to developing environmental justice leadership among young Filipino/Americans and allies.

Through cross-cultural education, Face2Face participants learn firsthand about environmental justice struggles that connect California and the Philippines, and are empowered to turn education into action.

The lives of frontline communities on both sides of the Pacific are directly impacted by the practices of big oil companies including Chevron. We’ve joined with Bay Area organizations like the Asian/Pacific Environmental Network to deepen awareness of local struggles against big oil. Residents lead Face2Face participants on “toxic tours” neighboring Chevron facilities in Richmond. They learn how residents organize to defend their health and environment, and efforts to build healthy alternatives.

Participants travel to the Philippines to spend two weeks exchanging, living with, and deepening relationships with FACES’ partner communities, which include civil society, women’s groups, youth, elders, and indigenous community members. We not only learn how their land, air, bodies and water are polluted by multinational corporations like Chevron, but build alliances to take action back home.

Face2Face has lasting impacts beyond the program. Participants share personal experiences through a community event and workshops at schools, universities, and community centers. Many alumnae go on to become leaders with FACES’ Chevron Campaign, which joins with Bay Area and Manila communities to pressure Chevron to clean up their operations and be a good corporate neighbor.

We’ve seen alumnae continue on with research, author reports on Chevron’s impacts, and develop popular education curriculum like “Big Oil, Toxic Neighbors: A Legacy of Danger” which encouraging participants to reflect on their relationship with oil and understand energy issues through a personal, local and global lens.

FACES sees Face2Face as a crucial part of the climate justice movement. From across the Pacific, we witness communities taking bold action against environmental and climate destruction. Focusing on the Filipino/American experience, we develop the voice of our underrepresented communities, so we can take action together on the issues that affect us all.

FACES seeks $5000 to allow Face2Face to continue for it’s 6th year. We are led by committed volunteers, and funds will go towards program costs for participants who would otherwise be unable to attend and educational community events.

$1500: in-country costs for 3 participants
$2700: US-Manila roundtrip airfare for 3 participants $300: 1 reportback event for 150-200 community members
$300: 5 community workshops $200: art supplies (photos, etc)

In addition to Brighter Planet funds, we will seek donated resources including local venue space and food donations.

This program is a success if we can:

1) Engage participants in meaningful discussions and build relationships with communities in both the Bay Area and the Philippines
2) Hold a successful trip reportback, “Balikbayan” (“Returning Home”) that reaches 150-200 Bay Area community members, and 5+ community workshops
3) Continue engaging alumnae in local Chevron Campaign and climate justice activism

With the support of Brighter Planet, Face2Face will engage the Filipino/American and Bay Area community to build climate justice for us all. Thanks!